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What is the difference between glazed and unglazed tile?

Glazed tile is coated with a top finish (glaze) fused to the base by firing at very high temperatures. Style, color and design are virtually unlimited owing to the ease of adding colour, pattern and texture to the glaze. The colour of unglazed tile results from the natural clay of the tile body or pigment added to the clay. The colours are more restricted but because that color extends right through the tile, wear is not visible. Unglazed tile is, therefore, an excellent choice for the most heavily trafficked areas.

Will ceramic tile break or chip?

Ceramic tile is more vulnerable to breaking before installation than after. It is very difficult to break or chip tile unless it is hit with a heavy object such as a hammer having a small impact area. Structural breaks can occur if there is movement in the substrate. If damaged, individual tiles can be replaced.

Is ceramic tile cold?

Tile is actually the same temperature as the surrounding air. It holds warmth in a sunny room or a cooler temperature in an air conditioned or cold room. Body temperature is usually warmer than the air, and this causes tile to feel cool.

How durable is ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile should last the lifetime of your home with minimum care.  when used on walls tile will not show wear. Unglazed floor tile also will not show wear. Glazed floor tile is dependent on the durability of the glaze and body and the amount of traffic to which it is subjected.

Most manufacturers classify the durability of their tile.

Rating Numbers:
  1. Walls Only
  2. Light Traffic (residential bathroom floors) and Counter Tops
  3. Medium-Light Traffic (residential interior floors except kitchens, stairs, landings, and entranceways)
  4. Medium-Heavy Traffic (all residential areas and commercial areas with similar traffic)
  5. Heavy Traffic (all residential and most commercial areas)
  6. Heaviest Duty Traffic (all residential and commercial areas)
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