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Preparing Your Space For Hardwood

Preparation Is The Key


Installing a new hardwood/engineered hardwood or laminate floor can totally rejuvenate a living space but it is important to prepare your space properly if you are installing the wood yourself. Preparation is the key to a successful installation and some floors may require less than others but it is important that you take the time to check out your sub-floor and do what is necessary prior to installation.


Squeaky Floors


One of the biggest issues we hear about are squeaky floors. The way to eliminate these squeaks is by screwing down the sub-floor before installing your wood.  Decking screws work well and will keep the joist and the sub-floor tight. It does take time and will usually get rid of the majority, and in some cases all of the squeaks so it is well worth the effort! You should also check for any loose areas that require additional attention too as these may also cause problems later on if not rectified. 

For minor raised areas, use an edger.  For more severe high spots in the sub-floor, you may well have to remove it and repair the floor joists.


Prepare Now, Avoid Heartache Later


Making sure you take care of these issues will save a lot of heartache later on. Once the sub-floor is prepared, you should now have the perfect surface to support and showcase your new flooring.

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