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Preparing For Your Hardwood Installation

Renos are difficult at the best of times, and it’s not just about what we do for you, it’s about doing your part too. Being prepared can make it a lot easier and lot less stressful, so we have written the following to help make your experience a good one!

  • Please make sure the area is ready for installation. It needs to be both clean and clear.  If you are levelling any areas yourself, it must be clean and dry prior to the installation.
  • Products are usually delivered a few days before the installation to acclimatize, so make sure there is space on the main floor of house for it to sit. It SHOULD NOT be stored in the garage.
  • Reno’s cause dust, especially tile removal so be prepared. Cover up anything that you want protecting like mattresses, furniture and electronics etc. Remember that installer are not cleaners and you will have clean-up work to do at the end of your renovation.
  • Be sure to move all your nick-knacks, clothes and any breakables. If you don’t want to move your clothes out of closets, then cover them well with a plastic sheet but make sure all closet floors are completely clear. If you don’t do these things, you could incur an extra charge.
  • Empty Dishwashers and fridges if we are moving them as this prevents spillage. We are not responsible for the contents and it makes it doubly difficult to move if they’re full. If left to our installers, extra charges for this job may also apply.
  • If we are moving furniture, please make sure that heavy pieces are emptied and ready to move. You will need to unhook any electrical items such as TV’s yourself (again, we are not responsible for your electrical items or phones). We’ve found that many people will move/cover up their electronic equipment prior to the renovation which saves worrying about it.
  • Take pictures off the walls – the guys are banging and could disturb your Rembrandts or Picasso’s.
  • Arrange for pets to be taken care of as they can get agitated by all the banging and disruption.
  • Make sure someone is available to let the crew in on the day of installation. You can always leave us a key too, our guys are very trustworthy. If you want to pre-arrange please call the store. If you are not there and there are special instructions to let our guys in, please make sure we know about it.
  • Cutting outside is not usually an option unless there is somewhere very close to where the flooring is being installed (and weather permits), otherwise it can double the time of an installation. Again covering your furniture etc. helps minimize the stress.
  • If you have any concerns, or require extra work, please call the store and we will be happy to quote you. Our installers cannot do extra work that is not on your contract, and it will not be warrantied if unknown to us. Please do not put the installers on the spot by asking.
  • When measuring your job, we try to see the “big picture” but it’s not always possible. If we can’t see the whole of the floor at the time of the measure because of furniture or existing floor coverings we may not get an accurate picture until the furniture etc is removed. As much as we like to think that all installations will go smoothly, and usually they do, on the rare occasion there may be glitches.  Whatever we find, though, you will be consulted before any extra work takes place.

At Floors Direct North, we take great pride in our work and try very hard to give you a first-class installation and experience, but we all have to do our part and taking care of the above will help ensure that happens. Please remember, the onus is on you to look after your belongings. We cannot be held responsible for damaged or missing goods.

We very much hope to work with you on your up-coming project and we know you find the experience a positive one.

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