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What Causes A Milky Film On My Wood Floors?

This is likely caused from using products not recommended for wood floors, such as oil soaps. It is very important to buy the right cleaner and read the instructions.

What Type Of Products Can I Use?

We recommend, environmentally friendly products such as Efficlean which cleans without smears and is available at selected flooring retail outlets. We do not recommend water, oil soaps or any products on the market even if they are advertised as being safe for hardwood.

How Often Do I Need To Clean?

Efficlean recommend once every three weeks to a month with the actual cleaner, however, heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed/brushed once a week or more to get rid of any dirt and grit which will scratch the floors. You can also use the cleaner on a soft cloth to clean up any food spills but make sure to wipe up any spilled liquid straight away.

How Do I Remove Wax Buildup?

It depends on how much wax is on the floors. In our experience most have to sanded and refinished. If you’re unsure that wax is the problem, you can test to find out. Simply apply water droplets to the hardwood and if the water beads then wax is the issue. There are methods available on the internet for floors that aren’t too heavily coated with wax, such as using odour free mineral spirits but you will need to hire such equipment as a floor buffer and even then you will need to hand-scrape the bevels and then clean the floor at least twice with mineral spirits and clean cloths.

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